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Study in Canberra and earn a first class education that is recognised around the world. Canberra is home to a number of world-class research and education institutions. Our universities, training institutions, colleges and schools deliver high quality education and produce influential graduates.

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Canberra is Australia's education capital

The Lonely Planet, the leading global travel authority, named Canberra third in the world in the ‘Best in Travel’ city rankings for 2018, and with Australia’s premier national institutions, world class dining and entertainment, and unprecedented access to some of the best natural settings Australia has to offer, there’s no better place to live and study.

A 2014 report found Canberra has the highest percentage of its population studying full-time or part-time, compared to any other city in Australia. Combined with the fact that one in six of our residents work or study at a university in the ACT, we truly are Australia’s education capital.

We're the best city in the world to live in

We’ve thought so for a long time, but in 2014 it was made official with the OECD rating Canberra the best city in the world for well-being, meaning our residents have the highest quality of life across income, jobs, health, access to services, environment, education, safety, civic engagement and housing. For students, Canberra is rated in the top 25 'Best Student Cities' in the world according to the 2018 QS Best Student City rankings External Link - opens in new window.

We offer a world class education

With numerous universities teaching hundreds of programs and thousands of courses, as well as a technical institute and strong public and private schools, we’ve got the educational options you’re looking for. Through The Australian National University, the University of Canberra, UNSW Canberra and Canberra Institute of Technology, and campuses of the Australian Catholic University and Charles Sturt University, there's a program to suit all students.

More on campus accommodation than any other city in Australia

With over 90% of new undergraduate students offered guaranteed accommodation on campus, we are able to take the stress out of moving to a new city or country. By living on campus students become immersed in a diverse and truly multicultural community with great opportunities to make new friends to help the transition to university life. In fact, per capita Canberra offers more on-campus accommodation than any other Australian city.

Commute? What commute!

With so many students living on campus, most enjoy very little commute time travelling to campus or their place of work. For those that live off-campus, Canberra offers the shortest commute times in Australia, coupled with an extensive network bike paths all over the city. The bus network is fast and reliable, with international students also offered the same discounts as local students on public transport.

Canberra's universities deliver world-class education. Expect an extensive and diverse range of course options with a number of disciplines in the QS World Rankings. Two of our universities are also members of the Group of Eight, a coalition of leading Australian tertiary institutions.

The National Arboretum Canberra

Best of both worlds; well-designed city with immense opportunities

As a capital city, Canberra is a custodian of Australia’s national story and collective spirit. We show these through regular events during the year; Enlighten, Skyfire, National Multicultural Festival, and Floriade, to name a few, along with a regular schedule of gallery exhibitions, concerts and food festivals. This is balanced against our wide, open spaces, parks and nature reserves and our location as the gateway to the region of mountains, snow and sand. We’re a city of four seasons and we invite you to come and explore.

Canberra is Australia’s meeting place

It’s in our name and our actions; Canberra is the meeting place for many different cultures, ideas and opportunities. Canberra is a place where a culture of innovation and creativity leads to extraordinary achievements in science, research, education and business, with great career opportunities awaiting our graduates.

A strong sense of community

A city of 420,000 people with more than 25% of our residents born overseas, countless embassies and national institutes; Canberra has a strong sense of community; our global community.

The most educated city in Australia

Our economy is based on the service industries, across public administration, professional services and education and training, meaning close to 50% of our residents hold a Bachelor degree, well above the national average, and many global companies have offices in Canberra. And this continues to grow.

A growing city with big ideas and a bright future

Since our centenary in 2013, Canberra has come of age and we’re looking to the future and all we can achieve. Canberra is where people come to collaborate on big ideas that can be shared with the nation. It’s time to re-imagine what Canberra can be.