Canberra Retains Top 25 Student City Ranking

The Best Student Cities for 2018 have been released by QS with our nation's young capital ranked among some heavy hitters from around the globe.

Canberra has retained it's strong standing at #22 in the world for 2018.

Published annually, the QS Best Student Cities index showcases the best urban destinations for international students, based on a diverse range of indicators grouped into five key categories.

Up to 2016, these categories consisted of: University Rankings, Student Mix, Desirability, Employer Activity and Affordability. Since 2017, the QS Best Student Cities has also included a category called Student View, based on a survey of students and recent graduates around the world. The six categories are given equal weighting when calculating the overall order of the index.

To be considered for inclusion, each city must have a population of over 250,000, and be home to at least two universities featured in the most recent QS World University Rankings. Currently 125 cities around the world qualify for consideration, including Canberra which is home to Australia's highest ranked university.

According to QS "Canberra scores very well in the student mix indicator, reflecting its large and internationally diverse student’s unsurprising to find the city has proven attractive to students from around the world.

"Respondents to the 2018 student survey praised Canberra’s safe, relaxed and welcoming environment, while also highlighting opportunities for those interested in national politics and government.

"One student commented - Moving from Sydney where everything is so chaotic and work-focused, Canberra definitely has the balance of fun and work." QS