Canberra’s PhD graduates encouraged to stay

International students who have been awarded a PhD by a Canberra university can now apply for fee free streamlined ACT nomination of their Skilled Nominated (subclass190) visa.

The ACT Government introduced streamlined nomination for PhD graduates on 1 November 2016 as one of the first actions of the ACT International Education Strategy – Canberra: Australia’s Education Capital.

The streamlined nomination encourages PhD graduates from local universities to remain in Canberra after completing their studies, and enables the universities to advise, as appropriate, that postgraduate PhD studies in Canberra can lead to a faster pathway to permanent residence.

Retention of these high-calibre students will help build on Canberra’s reputation as a knowledge economy and centre for post graduate research, supporting innovation and technology. It also presents a pathway for students who love living in Canberra and wish to make it their home for the long term.

Streamlined nomination is also available for PhD graduates who have moved interstate or overseas since completing their studies in Canberra. These students must have been awarded their PhD by an ACT university no more than two years before applying for ACT nomination of their Skilled Nominated (subclass190) visa.

Under ACT 190 nomination, eligible PhD graduates can nominate any of the 600+ occupations on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL). All applicants are subject to the ACT Government nomination guidelines and Australian Government immigration requirements. The guidelines for the streamlined PhD nomination can be viewed on the Canberra. Create your future website.

Canberra is renowned as a place of research excellence with many universities well placed in world university rankings. This pathway for PhD graduates is expected to make Canberra even more competitive and attractive for international students looking to undertake their PhD and considering their local employability options alongside institution and location.

Three students sitting at table with laptop