Study Canberra Airport Welcome Desk

The Study Canberra Airport Welcome Desk will greet students flying into the ACT to commence their studies in Semester 2, 2016

The desk will operate from 6 to 12 July in partnership with the Australian National University and again during the week commencing 25 July in conjunction with the University of Canberra. The timings for the desk coincides with the peak arrivals for each institution.

Study Canberra Airport Welcome Desk

Student Ambassadors offer a friendly greeting to students arriving from interstate and overseas and are armed with a full complement of useful information to guide new students through their first days in Canberra.

Hundreds of students from both institutions are expected to make use of the Welcome Desk, as well as fielding enquiries from parents of students, prospective students, and visitors to Canberra who want to know more about options to study.

Study Canberra advertising with the message ‘Welcome to Canberra. Australia’s Education Capital’ will also be in place at Canberra Airport throughout July and early August.

The Study Canberra Airport Welcome Desk was first trialed in Semester 1 2016 with overwhelmingly positive feedback from students and staff.